Who We Are

RIADIS is the Latin American Network of non Governmental Organizations of Persons with Disabilities and their Families. It was founded on October 17, 2002, during the First Conference in Caracas, Venezuela, and today represents 48 organizations of people living with various types of disabilities in 18 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

RIADIS works to promote and protect the rights of people with disabilities in Latin America and the Caribbean, promoting the values of non-discrimination and inclusive development based on improving the quality of life and social inclusion of persons with disabilities and their families.

Its nature of democratic regional network builds a strong bond of cooperation between national organizations. These organizations, while acting independently in their countries, choose to collaborate through RIADIS to produce and exchange good practices, knowledge and skills, in order to leverage the advances in the region.

Moreover, RIADIS represents its members in international forums such as the UN, OAS and IDA, among others, always with a commitment to spreading the voices of persons with disabilities in Latin America and the Caribbean, which are many, varied, and resounding.

RIADIS is governed by the principles of solidarity, independence, fairness, accountability, ethics, transparency, respect for human diversity and democracy, and is a regional member of the International Disability Alliance.